Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975)

Come All Ye
Sorting Through The Attic
Sandy Denny
Meet On The Ledge
Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975)
Ashley Hutchings
Dave Mattacks
Fairport Friends and Relations
Fairport In These Days
Fairport un-Convention-al
Poor Will and The Jolly Hangman
Now Be Thankful
Fairport Convention
What We Did On Our Holidays
Liege and Lief
Full House
Angel Delight
Babbacombe Lee
The Wood and The Wire
Over The Next Hill
The Transports
Fairport Family Photo Album
Some Cropredy Posters
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Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975)
Island 564 687-2 (2 CD, August 1999)

This 2 CD set is most certainly the most brilliant overview of any band, but then again we are rather biased here, so any objectivity tends to go out of the window, where Fairport is concerned. The double set covers the first eight Fairport Convention years,and includes tracks
(all of which are listed below) from
Fairport Convention,
What We Did On Our Holidays, Unhalfbricking
Liege and Lief, Full House,
Angel Delight, Babbacombe Lee.Rosie, Nine,
and Rising For The Moon
For those of you out there who have never been introducted to Fairport, this album is the perfect introduction,
so......what are you waiting for?

CD 1
  1. Chelsea Morning
  2. Fotheringay
  3. Mr Lacey
  4. Book Song
  5. I'll Keep It With Mine
  6. Tale in Hard Time
  7. Meet on the Ledge
  8. Genesis Hall
  9. A Sailor's Life
  10. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
  11. Percy's Song
  12. Come All Ye
  13. Matty Groves
  14. Tam Lin
  15. Crazy Man Michael
  16. Farewell, Farewell

CD 2
  1. Now Be Thankful (single)
  2. Bonny Bunch of Roses
    (previously unreleased studio version)
  3. Walk Awhile
  4. Sloth
  5. Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman
    (Full House version)
  6. The Journey Man's Grace
  7. John Lee
  8. Rosie
  9. The Plainsman
  10. The Hexhamshire Lass
  11. Polly on the Shore
  12. Bring 'Em Down
  13. Rising for the Moon
  14. White Dress
  15. Stranger to Himself
  16. One More Chance

Track 1 Joni Mitchell
Tracks 2, 10 Sandy Denny
Track 3 Ashley Hutchings
Track 4 Ian Matthews, Richard Thompson
Tracks 5, 11 Bob Dylam
Tracks 6-8, 16 Richard Thompson
Tracks 9, 13, 14 Trad.
Track 12 Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings
Track 15 Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick

Tracks 1, 3, 6 Dave Swarbrick, Richard Thompson
Tracks 2, 10 Trad.
Tracks 4, 5 Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick
Tracks 7, 8, 14 Dave Swarbrick
Track 9 Trevor Lucas, Pete Roche
Track 11 music Dave Pegg, lyrics trad. arr.
 Dave Swarbrick, Trevor Lucas
Track 12 Trevor Lucas
Tracks 13, 15, 16 Sandy Denny

Fairport Un-convention-al (now be thankful)
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all rights reserved