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'Forgive the erring character who's blemished none but their own soul'
-Sandy Denny

Daylily Heaven

There Is No Other Voice....

Sandy Denny. 1947 - 1978

She gave us so much , with her words and her music, and we gave her our love.Her voice will live on forever in her songs. She lives, for us, in one particular piece, written by Dave Swarbrick, White Dress, a touching, heartfelt song, that invokes Sandy's image, so well. She left us far too soon, and the loss was and still is, felt deeply, but, she left us an amazing legacy, that you can hear anytime you want, if you go out a purchase the records. Do yourself a huge favour and do that, and in remembering Sandy heed the words of the song lyric below...and be joyful.

No More Sad Refrains

Here comes the morning how it pleases,
It always brings me something new.
Its golden light will wash away the dust of yesterday,
If I try it may let me forget you.

And when these winter days are over,
I mean to set myself upon my feet.
I see me as something that I have never been.
And I'll pick up the pieces that will make the girl complete.

I'll be smiling all the time at everybody,
My friends will tell me I'm just not the same.
I won't linger over any tragedies that were,
And I won't be singing any more sad refrains.

Sandy Denny


CD 1:


Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Crazy Man Michael

Farewell, Farewell

Ballad of Easy Rider

Nothing More

The Sea

The Pond andThe Stream

Banks of The Nile

Late November

John the Gun

Next Time Around

The Northstar Grassman and The Ravens

When Will I Be Loved?

Learning The Game

Here In Silence

Man of Iron


CD 2:

It'll Take A Long Long Time

Quiet Joys of Brotherhood

Listen, Listen

The Lady

It Suits Me Well


Like An Old Fashioned Waltz



No End

Stanger To Himself

One More Chance

For Shame of Doing Wrong

One Way Donkey Ride

I'm A Dreamer

All Our Days

No More Sad Refrains

A Daylily named for Sandy Denny

Today, there is still something
stately and timeless in this pensive
 reflection on life, and death -
and it’s hard to believe that
Thompson was still in his teens
when he wrote it.
As anthemic as it was then.


A Biography of Sandy Denny


A Boxful of Treasures. Sandy Denny. Sept 2004

Although she only spent 18 months
with the band Sandy Denny remains,
for many, the abiding voice
of Fairport Convention.
During 1969 alone,
Sandy and Fairport released
three extraordinarily accomplished
albums and the second of these
 “Uhalfbricking” showcased the
definitive version of Sandy’s finest song.
A mini website of this extraordinary song

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