Come All Ye
Sorting Through The Attic
Sandy Denny
Meet On The Ledge
Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975)
Ashley Hutchings
Dave Mattacks
Fairport Friends and Relations
Fairport In These Days
Fairport un-Convention-al
Poor Will and The Jolly Hangman
Now Be Thankful
Fairport Convention
What We Did On Our Holidays
Liege and Lief
Full House
Angel Delight
Babbacombe Lee
The Wood and The Wire
Over The Next Hill
The Transports
Fairport Family Photo Album
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Jerry Donahue: electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Trevor Lucas: acoustic guitars, vocals
Dave Mattacks: drums, percussion, piano
Dave Pegg: bass, mandolin, vocals
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle, mandolin, vocals

with special thanks to:

Sandy Denny: vocals [1]
Linda Peters: vocals [1]
Richard Thompson: electric & acoustic guitars [1]
Ralph McTell: acoustic guitar [8]
Gerry Conway: drums [1, 3, 5]
Timi Donald: drums [2, 6, 7]
The Swarbrick Brothers (Dave, Cyril & Eric) : vocals [8]

Dave Swarbrick wrote the title song about his wife.

Rosie. 1973
Island ILPS 9208 (LP, UK, March 1973)


Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Knights of the Road

Peggy's Pub

The Plainsman

Hungarian Rhapsody

My Girl

Me With You

The Hens March Through The Midden/The Four Poster Bed

Fur & Feathers


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