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If Christianity can't recover its mystical tradition and teach it, it should just fold up and g out of business. It has nothing to offer

For Good Things Below

The End Of The Quest
The End Of The Quest: Frank Dicksee. (1853-1928)

Sir Frank Dicksee's painting, seen to your left, is entitled, "The End of the Quest", but for us, and hopefully you, this is just the beginning of our quest.The original page, which is to be found on our
 The Dawning of The Day website was inspired by the incredible song by Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick, and we decided to copy the page to this, our Fairport site, in a slightly modified form. On the right hand side there, we've grouped together a sampling of some of the routes that we'll be taking. Some might note a familiarity with this page, this reason being is a version of it first appeared on our, as we have already stated , The Dawning of The Day website(it's still there), and upon taking another look at it, found it to be a perfect illustration to what we are about here, or at least we hope it is. Roads, routes, journeys, pilgrimages, those taken, those already underway, those about to be undertaken, and those in the stages of contemplation, we're keeping all this in mind , and, again, we cannot over-emphasise that there is more than one way to that point where The Sacred Presence, The Goddess, God, Allah, Jehovah, whatever name you choose to use, is in the fore front of your thoughts. The Presence is always with us, no matter what we maybe about, at any point in time, The Creation is all around us, stop and look once in awhile and marvel at the wonders, and think upon their creation, for surely that way lies grace.

(Dave Swarbrick & Richard Thompson. 1970,
Copyright Warlock Music)
When the stone is grown too cold to kneel
In crystal waters I'll be bound
Cold as stone weary to the sounds upon the wheel

Ch: Now be thankful for good things below
Now be thankful to your maker
For the rose, the red rose blooms for all to know

When the fire is grown too fierce to breathe
In burning irons I'll be bound
Fierce as fire weary to the sound upon the wheel

Ch: Now be thankful for good things below
Now be thankful to your maker
For the rose, the red rose blooms for all to know

( recorded by Fairport Convention 1970)

a perfect juxtapose of spirituality
Avebury Stone Circle and in the background, St. James Church, Avebury Village, Wiltshire. UK.

St. Chads from the road
St Chad's, Lichfield, UK

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