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Fairport Convention.1969 (Unhalfbricking)

Ian Matthews was no longer in the line-up, and Dave Swarbrick guested on three tracks. A Sailor's Life, theough we didn't know it at the time, was a sign-post, pointing in the direction that Fairport was to take.....and this was also the last album on which Martin Lamble was to be on the drummers stool. Returning from a gig in Birmingham on May 14, 1969, the band's van crashed killing  Martin(2nd right, above) and Richard Thompson's girlfriend Jeannie Franklin. Ashley Hutchings was hospitalised for two months with acute facial injuries. There was, I think, a point in time the Fairport considered packing it in, but fortunately they didn't, because greater things were in the offing.

An Unhalfbricking outtake

The Musicians

Sandy Denny lead vocals, harpsichord
Ashley Hutchings vocals, bass guitar
Martin Lamble percussion
Simon Nicol vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, electric dulcimer
Richard Thompson vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, electric dulcimer, piano accordion, organ
Dave Swarbrick fiddle on Cajun Woman, A Sailor's Life and Si Tu Dois Partir and mandolin on Million Dollar Bash
Trevor Lucas triangle on Si Tu Dois Partir
Marc Ellington vocals on Million Dollar Bash
Ian Matthews backing vocals on Percy's Song
Recorded at Sound Techniques, London
Produced by Joe Boyd, Simon Nicol & Fairport for Witchseason Productions Ltd, London
Engineered by John Wood
Photograph by Eric Hayes

unhalfbricking in the garden

Unhalfbricking. July 1969
Unhalfbricking. Island L-33512, July 1969

Side 1
Genesis Hall (R Thompson) 3:37
Si Tu Dois Partir (B Dylan) 2:25
Autopsy (S Denny) 4:22
A Sailor's Life (trad) 11:16
Side 2
Cajun Woman (R Thompson) 2:45
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (S Denny) 5:08
Percy's Song (B Dylan) 7:52
Million Dollar Bash (B Dylan) 2:55

unhalfbackbricking back cover

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