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Fairport un-Convention-al
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"In this Work when it shall be found that much is omitted, let it not be forgotten that much likewise is performed."
-Samuel Johnson

And Going From Strength To Strength

Fairport In These Days

Has it really been thirty-five years since Fairport  came to us? I mean....where has the time gone.? You know what, though..? It's been thirty-five years of incredible music. As Patrick Humphries, author of Meet On The Ledge: Fairport, The Early Years, said, "I'd rather see Fairport on an off night, than most other bands on their best night" or something like that. Personally I'd amend that to seeing any band on their best night.Unashamedly we say, Fairport Convention are our favourite band of all time, and to this end, Mo and I decided that maybe I should put together a few pages about Fairport and the wonderful folk who have been associated with the name, so....here they are, and I'm not going to say anymore......let the words of the song, below, speak, and let us join the merry dance, which by the way is provideded in most part, courtesy of The Masterpiece: Leige and Lief.
So....let's join hands, for the dance......

Come All Ye
 (Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings)
Come all ye rolling minstrels,
And together we will try
To rouse the spirit of the air
And move the rolling sky.

Those that dance will start to dance
And those who don't will sway
In time to this our merry tune
That we play for you today.

So come all ye rolling minstrels
And together we will try
To rouse the spirit of the air
And move the rolling sky.

Our fiddler, he just loves to play
And that's why he plays so good.
And now he plays a violin
Made out of solid wood.


Possessor of the magic touch,
But no magician, he
Will play for you some magic notes
Instead as you will see.


The sound of beating on the drums
From behind you hear,
And to the rhythm of guitar
We hope you'll lend an ear.


Well, the man who plays the bass does make
Those low notes that you hear.
And the high notes come from you and me
For we will sing so clear.


Fairport Convention 1969

Liege and Lief 1969

a series of articles and
interviews about and with
the current line up and three
ex (if there is such a thing)
members of Fairport Convention
written by Anil Prasad,  in 2002,
but still worth reading

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