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Cropredy 2003
Come All Ye
Sorting Through The Attic
Sandy Denny
Meet On The Ledge
Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975)
Ashley Hutchings
Dave Mattacks
Fairport Friends and Relations
Fairport In These Days
Fairport un-Convention-al
Poor Will and The Jolly Hangman
Now Be Thankful
Fairport Convention
What We Did On Our Holidays
Liege and Lief
Full House
Angel Delight
Babbacombe Lee
The Wood and The Wire
Over The Next Hill
The Transports
Fairport Family Photo Album
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Fairport Convention

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Thursday 7th, Friday 8th &
Saturday 9th August
Running Order
@ = Link to web site.

Thursday 7th August
4.30pm to 11pm
The campsite will open at around 9.00am on Thursday 7th August.
There is no camping on any of the Festival campsites before this.
Compère : Johnny Jones
Lindisfarne @ (9.00pm)
Trevor Burton Band @ (7.10pm)
Meet on the Ledge @ (5.50pm)
Colvin Quarmby @ (4.30pm)
Friday 8th August
12.30pm to 12 midnight
Compère : Keith Donnelly
Procol Harum @ (10.00pm)
Blue Tapestry @ (8.00pm)
Bucket Boys @ (6.30pm)
David Hughes (5.00pm)
Equation (3.15pm)
Keith Donnelly (1.45pm)
Mark Gillespie (12.30pm)
Saturday 9th August
12.30pm to 12 midnight
Compère : Bob Fox
Fairport Convention (9.00pm)
with Dave Swarbrick, and Special Guests
Dennis Locorriere (7.45pm)
Albert Lee (6.10pm)
Old Blind Dogs (4.35pm)
The Hush (3.00pm)
Al Hodge and The Mechanics (1.45pm)
Richard Digance (12.30pm)

Cropredy 2003....Here We Go Again!

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